Joining Hyperledger To Explore Emerging Technology

At Northstar, it’s no secret that we’re excited about the long term prospects and disruptive opportunity that blockchain represents.

Among emerging technologies, blockchain represents a massive opportunity for cost savings and efficiencies across many industries including supply chain, banking, healthcare, and more.

Since our formation we’ve been working with companies wanting to implement blockchain technology across their organization. We work with companies from the ideation phase, to the design, development, build and implementation of blockchain solutions; within the framework of their legacy infrastructure.  In doing so we’ve accumulated unique insights across a wide variety of industries and it is why we are thrilled to be joining Hyperledger.

Hyperledger, hosted by The Linux Foundation, is a collaboration among organizations, technology companies, and startups to promote and explore blockchain technologies. Its a global collaboration that includes industry titans such as Deutsche Bank, American Express, IBM, Intel, JP Morgan, and now, Northstar Venture Technologies.

In joining Hyperledger we’ll have the opportunity to share insights we’ve learned in our working with customers, our investments, and partners, and gain insights on how other participants are leveraging and utilizing blockchain applications across their organizations.

Northstar and Hyperledger share a passion for learning about and promoting blockchain use cases across industries and organizations and it gives us the opportunity to collaborate, contribute and continue to develop this amazing technology.