Announcing Northstar Venture Technologies

We are excited to announce our name change, effective today, from Blocktech Ventures to Northstar Venture Technologies.

Our name change comes complete with a corporate rebranding and website overhaul. Our new website destination is Northstar.Tech and past websites will all point to that domain.

As Northstar continues to advance our diverse, principal projects, we believe this is the right time to make the transition to a corporate identity that more broadly reflects the fact that we’ve grown and evolved in recent months to become more than a singularly focused blockchain company to a full service technology commercialization company.

In launching Northstar Venture Technologies, our focus is on commercializing new ventures, with a focus on potential portfolio companies having a 12-18 month target catalyst via IPO’s, STO’s, and future fundraising events.

Our rebranding includes a name change, logo change, website redesign, corporate messaging overhaul, company blog and refinement of our core offerings.

Stay tuned for future company blog posts relating to our Advisory Services, flagship platforms (EnterBlock and EquityTech), and Portfolio Commercialization.