Advisory Services

1. Education & Alignment
Designed to introduce organizational stakeholders and staff to the concept of Blockchain. What is it, why is it relevant to your company and what forces will impact your industry. Explore risks, opportunities and align corporate perspective on this emerging technology.

2. Discovery: business & technical blockchain value validation
Facilitated discovery sessions allow Northstar business analyst and technical staff an understanding of your existing business model. The project documents relevant business flows and high-level validation of blockchain value opportunity. This output serves current business intelligence needs and provides a foundation for future PoC exploration.

  • Existing business model & process review
  • Operational risk and readiness assessment
  • High-level blockchain value mapping
  • Ideation
  • Session documentation

Proof of Business (PoB)
NorthStar experts prepare a business case to vet the return on investment for your concept & support next steps toward Proof of Concept.

  • Problem sets / Potential Solutions
  • Solutions matrix and weighting
  • Likely magnitude assessment (LMA) for each solution
  • Metrics to support deeper solution design work investment
  • Solution Summary for most likely solution (business/investment point of view)
  • Business case including high-level ROI

Proof of Concept Technical Design
Taking the PoB to the next level stage to provide deployable deliverables that demonstrates both the viability of the technology while providing a mechanism to measure business impact.

  • PoB ROM expanded to a development plan and iterations
  • solution design and high-level architecture
  • production artifact definitions
  • KPIs for rapid prototyping / PoC Build stage
  • pending and emerging regulatory standards on your operating model and technology initiatives