A relentless, future focused team working at the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship and capital markets.

With entrepreneurship and technology at the core of our organizational DNA, our team draws upon a diverse range of experience and expertise that enable us to convert ideas to validated market opportunities, and support ventures through all stages of development and growth, translating to shareholder value.

We bring everything together to help companies find their “North star” and create powerful market opportunities.

Message from the CEO

We’re living in an incredible time. Once again, technology is creating a fundamental shift in the systems that power enterprise, commerce, capital markets, financial services, and society at large.


The expected “innovation trigger” of hype and speculation is always followed by advancement in technology, adoption, regulation and a framework for sustainable growth – setting the stage for unprecedented market opportunities.


New technologies of consequence do not make their way to market overnight. Northstar aims to leverage our platforms, commercialization model and resources to bringing meaningful projects, platforms and companies to market.


The Northstar model is both a bridge and a destination, and the journey is exciting.

Our team draws on a diverse range of experience and expertise that enable us to convert opportunity into shareholder value. We are seasoned entrepreneurs, operators, and investors with deep industry experience at the intersection of technology, capital markets and venture capital.

We’ve leveraged our experience into partnerships with industry leaders that include the Canadian Stock Exchange, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, IBM, Hyperledger, Telus and more.

Northstar is well positioned to foster innovation and commercialize tomorrow’s industry leaders.


Bill McGraw

Dean Sutton


Sead Hamzagic

Doug Mason

Michael Stevens

Robert Banks

Northstar Venture Technologies Inc.
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Northstar Venture Technologies Inc.